Questions & Debate

I have been reading several websites, to see what other people on both sides of the Cannabis debate are saying.. especially in-light of recent changes in USA & South America.

Unfortunately most of it seems to be the two ‘extreme views’, either Legalise/Decrim. OR Prohibition/continue the WAR ! This leads me to ask some questions on the Global Web-based debate:

1) Is the WAR on DRUGS really having positive outcomes, or is it just creating MORE harm than it can resolve ?

2) Does the U.N. convention 1961 actually call for ZERO-TOLERANCE of cannabis(just read the preamble) ?

3) Are Govt.s around the world, even listening to the majority, who appear to be calling for law reform ?

4) Are there other; ‘corporate interests’ that are driving this issue (to maintain the status quo) ?

5) In several countries the debate is split between; Medicinal use ONLY or Medicinal & Personal use.. should it be divided or taken as one debate ?

6) Will putting a strict, ADULTS only (R18 ?) age-limit on use, really work (or just create a youth black-market) OR are there better options ?

7) Will a REGULATED market really stop the current black-market, gangsters & corruption (that is a result/reality of prohibition, look at 1920s USA with Alcohol) ?

8) What is the real difference between Legalisation & Decriminialisation or are they the same (confusion reigns) ?

9) Will the sky fall, if Cannabis is ‘re-legalised’ (as it was prior to 20th century) or even decriminalised ?

10) Is it time to call a GLOBAL (U.N. initiated) Armistice on arresting ADULTS for possession of Cannabis (e.g. up to 10grams) ?

11) Why is industrial HEMP even an issue, to be debated ??

I can offer my opinion on ALL these questions.. but in a ‘nut-shell’ I support law reform & an end to ZERO-TOLERANCE/PROHIBITION ! It is a failure !!
Here in Aotearoa/NZ the daily BUSTS just continue to keep the Police, Courts & Prisons busy… ‘Zero-tolerance rules (NOT OK)’

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