I have recently read statements on a Govt. dept & a NZ NGO site about : cannabis.
The Govt. dept. mentioned that it is often stated, Cannabis is claimed to be less harmful than ‘legal drugs’ BUT due to its current ILLEGAL status, they are bound by this legislation. This dept. has a policy of drug testing ‘clients’ who they suspect are ‘breaking’ these laws & reprimanding/take action against any, with a positive result.
The NGO mentioned that they supported the NZ Law Commission report 2011 (mostly ignored by the current NZ Govt.) in its recommendations on Drug law reform. I sent a question to them. The reply was that they had a symposium last year & sent me a link to its outcome report/statement. (I read on another site (by an attendee) that it was a ‘MAJOR Yawn-fest’.) I have briefly looked at it, & would concur.. lots of talk, but no real recommendations or moves to lobby for law reform in the immediate/forseeable future. The reply also recommended that I contact my ‘local MP’ (not a revelation). The only problem with this, being that only one (‘minor’)current party in NZ parliament appear to support Cannabis law reform.. & its not a priority. I ask does this mean; that NZ politicians are either OK with or supportive of PROHIBITION (black-markets, gangsters, corruption, over crowded courts & prisons, massive waste of Govt. funds to maintain the status quo. ie zero-tolerance & ‘arrest/prosecute’.. etc.) ??

The bottom line is that much of the western world & others (USA, Canada, Australia, E.U. etc.) ARE actively moving toward Cannabis law reform.. BUT Aotearoa/NZ is just talking & YAWNING on the sidelines ! Again the fascinating thing is, that Aotearoa/NZ has amongst the highest use & arrest rates, per capita (>50% have tried NATURAL cannabis, about 20% regular users).. BUT is doing almost nothing to address it. Prohibition just roles along, unfettered.

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