Another Bust

The news/media networks in Aotearoa/NZ have been reporting that ‘an ex-pat Kiwi’ woman (recently resident in Aust.) has been arrested in Bali, Indonesia, (only days after the release of Ms. Corby) for DRUGS !

The reports say; the authorities had been notified that there would be ‘drugs’ at the party. They are generally unclear of the ‘facts’.. I read/hear no official charges have been laid, as yet. One report says she only had a ‘marijuana joint’.. whilst others say she was found to have : Methamphetamines, Hashish & ‘Marijuana’ (in large amounts ?). It was also reported they found weigh scales & packets (supposedly used for ‘dealing drugs’). I read she could face either a lengthy prison sentence or even the death penalty (similar to Ms Corby & ‘the Bali 9’). Apparently these drugs are all classed as ‘highly addictive & extremely harmful’ in Indonesia. (Class A ?)

Just on a personal note: I spent a week in Bali (1988) & was warned by travel agents & hotel resort staff, to walk away from any situation were illegal drugs were either offered or discussed.. as they have extremely Draconian laws. On a day trip, we passed the now infamous Kerobokan Jail. The tour guide said “Many foreigners live there !”
Whilst sitting on Kuta beach, I was approached several times & offered drugs. I was told that often these ‘dealers’ are actually ‘under-cover, corrupt police’ who do this, so that they can demand large bribes, in-order to avoid arrest. Their main target being FOREIGN TOURISTS !!

I heard that the streets of most Indonesian cities (and many Asian countries) are awash with ‘illegal drugs’ (mostly Cannabis, often named after the areas they are grown eg Surabaya & Sumatra). It almost seems that they are looking for someone to blame for their own ‘DRUG problems’ (foreign/western tourists ?).

The other ‘drug’ I often heard about, but again; did not experience: ‘The BLUE magic-mushroom omelets’, which were apparently.. widely available in cafes & restaurants (legal status ?)

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2 Responses to Another Bust

  1. Fredo says:

    Mushrooms are a native entheogen embedded into Indonesian esp. Balinese culture. They have religious meaning, and so are protected from prohibition by culture.

    • zedd99 says:

      I recognise that certain plants have cultural significance eg Kava in Pacific, Khat in Middle East.. BUT surely this could also include Cannabis, Coca & other plants banned by the global War on Drugs ?!

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