War moves to military

I just read that the War on CANNABIS in Aotearoa/NZ has been ramped up further, by use of NZ Air Force helicopters. You would think that maybe the police don’t have these resources.. BUT they have both helicopters & spotter planes too. Its all about ‘seen to be doing something’.

I heard in NZ parliament today that crime stats are at an all time low ! Well if this is true WHY are they now calling on the military to assist police in this ZERO-TOLERANCE, Draconian measure to spot possible Cannabis plantations ? Surely IF crime is at an all time low, they would be winding back such operations ?? MORE misinformation & B-S
I just wonder when they may call in the ARMY & maybe the NAVY, in efforts to ‘try to win’ this ridiculous (but unwinnable) WAR ?

In recent times, it seems that crime stats are decreasing, because people are not reporting other crime eg. house robberies etc. because Police have moved their priority onto this NONSENSE, rather than making our society safer !

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