Political interview

I watched a TV interview this morning, with the leader of a rising ‘right-wing’ party on the NZ political horizon. The interviewer was asking about their bottom-line policies. One of these being further regulation of the alcohol market. He went on to confirm the stats. that alcohol contributes, by far, to the highest amount of ‘drug-related’ harm in Aotearoa/NZ (official Govt. stats.).
The interviewer asked whether he would support cannabis law reform OR had he ever inhaled.. to which he said “NO” to both. He concluded by saying that he would support tougher restrictions on alcohol.

It always fascinating to hear politicians discuss cannabis issues.. mostly saying similar things: “NO, to law reform & their personal use”. The most fascinating thing being that most polls confirm that >50% of kiwis admit trying cannabis, BUT almost zero% of politicians admit it !!

I see it, I hear it… BUT I don’t believe it….

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