Medical madness

I have been reading quite a bit of info. on various websites about the current situation, surrounding Medicinal uses of Cannabis.. ranging from effectively zero-tolerance (here in Aotearoa/NZ) to an increasing tide of ‘western’ countries & USA states that are allowing it. I would deem much of this stuff: ‘medical madness’. I did a short University course a few years ago on ‘drugs & society’. We looked at medical use, I have a disc containing many old images of pharmaceutical preparations, containing : Cannabis extractums etc. I hear that in the 19th century, around a third of all western medicines contained cannabis. I believe that there is documented evidence that in Asia, its uses go back over 5000 years. I even read others calling it a ‘gift from God’ !

The contradiction, in the 21st century being the ongoing prohibition of the drug & its current status (USA) as a schedule 1 ‘narcotic’ (of NO known medical use or therapeutic value ?)
I read that many health professionals are still debating whether it is of ‘any REAL medical value’. Some reports state it can be used to treat: M-S (multiple sclerosis), glaucoma, eating disorders associated with HIV & cancer treatments, as a wide-ranging pain relief & now there is even evidence that it could inhibit the growth of some cancers & tumors or used topically to treat warts, corns & herpes… etc.

BUT then I read that ‘the risks outweigh the benefits’ (echoes of ‘reefer madness’ ?) In some countries they point to the issues of varying strength of the active ingredients (THC etc.) as a barrier to accurate dosage. The development of synthetic cannabinoids has apparently been an effort to standardise the THC levels & reduce the so-called ‘psychoactive high’ that many condemn as a negative effect. Another ‘negative’ issue, being that many people smoke the drug. BUT there are other options: vapourising, extracting active ingredients & pressing into an edible tablet or as a tincture.

The more I read, the more it looks like there maybe groups who are trying to find reasons to stop its use, regardless of any positive benefits. Could it be that these groups are concerned that a revitalisation of these cannabis medicines, could be detrimental to their financial interests ?

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