Epilepsy treatment ?

Just reading a couple of websites.. stories of people (in USA) that are unofficially using cannabis as a treatment for epileptic seizures & fits. The biggest controversy being that it is given to young children (as an oral medicine) for this condition. One story stated that a child who suffered severely with hundreds of seizures daily, now almost completely relieved of their illness. There are even families who are relocating from their long-term homes, to states where they can legally access ‘medical marijuana’ in order to avoid prosecution !

I read that cannabis contains many active ingredients including : THC (tetra-hydro-cannabinol) & CBD (cannabidiol). THC is the component supposedly responsible for the ‘high’ & CBD is apparently reducing the epilepsy. Surely they should be looking to select cannabis strains high in CBD & low in THC.. not just any ‘common or garden weed’. Again some ‘irrational fools’ think it better they just suffer, rather than use an ‘illegal drug ; MARIJUANA’ as a potential treatment…

High ranking doctors are now publically stating their support for further research (limited by its classification as : Schedule 1 narcotic.. ‘of no known medical value’). On the flip side there are legislators still repeating the outdated B-S mantras of ‘reefer madness’ (70-year-old plus, propaganda) ’causes insanity & violence etc. etc.’ Surely this needs a rational scientific approach, NOT hysterical irrational nonsense ?

Here in Aotearoa/NZ the whole issue is just ‘swept under the carpet’ with increasing numbers of ‘heroic police, reducing public harm’.. seizing & destroying cannabis plantations up & down the land. One has to wonder whether a better strategy maybe to give these plants over to medical researchers, rather than a bonfire ?

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