Issues from Front-lines

Listening to talk-back radio last evening (NZ-wide station).. one topic was the recent law change to allow SYNTHETIC cannabinoids & other ‘legal highs’ (but NOT natural cannabis) to be sold. Many kiwis are seeing the negative effects of this law, on their neighbourhoods. Many now calling for the law to be reviewed or even repealed.

I read that a Law centre in Auckland (NZ largest city) is to convene a public ‘Hui’ (meeting) to discuss this same issue.

I just read on another site, that the UNODC (UN office of Drugs & Crime) has recently announced that ‘criminalising drug use.. is NOT BENEFICIAL !’

BUT whilst I hear these people making positive noises.. they still seem unwilling/unable to ADMIT, that there is a public desire to use ‘mind-altering substances’ (besides Alcohol & Tobacco). Methinks that the long-term negative perceptions around NATURAL Cannabis.. has made it almost impossible for many to remove their blinkers & look laterally (or ‘outside the square’).. totally ‘brain-washed’ with Reefer Madness, Lies, Propaganda & MISINFORMATION !!

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