Another Bust

I just watched a brief news item.. it seems a ‘major’ cocaine dealer from Serbia has been arrested with about 3 TONS of the drug. The news item said he had gotten used to a wealthy, ‘rock-star’ type lifestyle, but now faces a possible prisoner life-style (for life), for his ‘crimes’. Whilst I accept he has broken current laws (prohibition under global drug convention).. obviously there is a huge market for this drug.. widely used (apparently) by the wealthy & the rock-stars ?

It’s fascinating that ‘Big tobacco’ is allowed to produce & markets many TONS of their DRUG..(which is apparently responsible for about three-quarters of ALL drug-related deaths) & they are labelled ‘businessmen’ BUT this ‘drug dealer’ is treated totally differently & faces a lengthy prison term !

The worst case of ‘Double-standards’ in my mind !!

On a slightly different tack; Cocaine was once the ingredient in the worlds biggest selling ‘soft drink’ for its ‘drug effects’ up until the time, the Drug-war barons deemed it no longer OK to add it…

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