Wind of change ?

Just reading about the latest meeting of UN Drug policy group. It seems that there are many voices calling for the UN convention 1961 to be reviewed.. BUT not necessarily totally overhauled. It seems that there are many pointing to the ‘original intent’ of the convention : control manufacture & supply (regulate NOT ban), harm minimisation strategy for drug users !
It also gives exemptions to MEDICINAL, Scientific & Industrial uses.
Many signatory countries, in their zeal to apply the convention (over 50 years ago).. it was seen as approval to implement zero-tolerance/prohibition. The original UN delegates talked about the intention to create a ‘drug-free’ world (not including: alcohol & tobacco or pharmaceuticals).. BUT it is obvious to current UN members that this, whilst ‘good intentioned’ is NOT achievable & that current regimes have led to ‘harm maximization’ in many cases. ie ‘The WAR on Drugs’; where the war is creating more harm than the drugs. Also: black-markets, gangsters, corrupt officials & violence against both sides.

In-light of the ‘wind-of-change’ now blowing in parts of Europe, USA, Australia, Canada & Latin America etc.. I read that the UN have scheduled a special meeting in 2016, to do this REVIEW.
I am personally hoping that Aotearoa/NZ embraces this mood for change (natural NOT synthetic cannabis), sooner rather than later !

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