Law update

Just watched a TV news story on the recent law change in Aotearoa/NZ : Psychoactive substance act 2013.. they discussed the following issues:

1) the recent NZ drug policy conference : another talk-fest ?

2) local councils around the country are at varying stages of implementing the law.. from strictly limiting/regulating the sales (as per the law) OR minimal restrictions (only certain outlets, locations & R18 status)

3) one commentator said that the new law is moving toward ‘prohibition by stealth’.. BUT no one mentioned the actual prohibition of natural cannabis & why this is still not being addressed/discussed

4) a discussion panel all agreed that prohibition or efforts to re-prohibit these substances was not going to work.. but again no mention of natural cannabis(currently prohibited/zero-tolerance) !

5) an interview with the associate health minister (who implemented the law) shed no light other than to reaffirm the law & its supposed outcomes.. he talked about restricting the sale to ‘low-risk psychoactive substances’.. but again no mention of natural cannabis.

As has been stated, by many commentators both here & overseas; a legalised/regulated NATURAL Cannabis market (as in Colorado & Washington states, USA) would massively reduce, if not completely remove the need to have these Synthetic Drugs on sale.. BUT here in Aotearoa/NZ this rational thinking is being ignored.. WHY IS THIS SO ?
could it be that they are attempting to ‘have their cake & eat it too ? (ie a restricted ‘legal high’ market & also maintain the perceived zero-tolerance restrictions of the UN convention.. allowing the police to keep, happily busting ‘pot-smokers’ (which they appear to see, as a major priority here in Aotearoa/NZ) ???

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