Further opinions

Just finished listening to a talk-back radio show (weekly mental health issues) they were talking specifically about.. wait for it: Synthetic cannabis & ‘legal highs’. These are a few comments (paraphrased):

1) many callers & the host/guests generally agreed that, given the choice.. NATURAL cannabis was the better option

2) a few callers said they used both & most preferred the natural option.. BUT a couple said they preferred the synthetic, because it was ‘more intense’ & it was legal & easily available !

3) the final caller summed it up (I agree 100%); this Govt. of Aotearoa/NZ have taken the ridiculous option of allowing synthetic drugs to be regulated/legal & maintained the prohibition of the natural cannabis.. ‘CRAZY’

The main host said he had used natural cannabis for 30 years, BUT had been ‘clean’ for 7 years. BUT he admitted that going against his now, clean status, he would have to admit that natural cannabis, had to be the better option. He concluded though, by saying that it would be, effectively ‘political suicide’ to legalise the natural drug.. this was questioned by a guest, who said that 25% of kiwis admit using cannabis (could well be much higher.. including many who wont admit to it). I have to say, it was good to hear people talking openly on the issue & not the usual bunch of prohibitionists & scare-mongers ringing up to put a dampener on it.
As a country, we need more debate.. ignoring this issue, will NOT make it go away !
‘REEFER-endum NOW !!’

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