Political poll

There are a couple of main political pollsters in Aotearoa/NZ that publish regular polls on the ‘current political situation’. The one inconsistency being the Legalise Cannabis party, which is not represented in these polls.
Their votes are just included in the ‘others’ stat. (currently about 1% of total). The interesting issue being that these polls do include other ‘minor’ parties not currently in the parliament.. some of which apparently polled lower than the Legalise Cannabis party at the last election.. why is this so ? For a party to get into NZ Parliament,(MMP system) they either have to get at least 5% of ‘party vote’ or win an ‘electorate seat’. Whilst it seems that this party is unlikely to do either, denying them poll coverage is potentially discouraging the public from giving them support.. (off the radar) Estimates are, that 20-25% of adult kiwis consume the drug on a fairly regular basis.. how many may vote for this party, IF they thought there was a chance of getting to 5% thresh-hold ?

I can only speculate that ‘someone’ does not want the voters of NZ to know the true level of support for this party & their main policy issue; to LEGALISE Natural Cannabis.

As I’ve mentioned previously, the NZ parliament passed a law to regulate ‘Psychoactive substances’ in 2013, BUT this excluded all substances/drugs currently covered by the outdated; ‘Mis-use of Drugs act 1975’ (including Natural Cannabis). I & I and many others would like to see this law extended to include ALL psychoactive substances.


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