Rationale ?

Lately I keep seeing & hearing people in Aotearoa/NZ questioning why its now legal to smoke Synthetic Cannabis, BUT still an arrestable, criminal offence to do likewise with the natural plant ?!

I too cannot see any rationale behind this… I can only surmise that its being driven by powerful groups who are benefiting from this inane activity: eg Police, Judiciary, Corrections & maybe ‘BIG alcohol’, ‘BIG tobacco’, ‘BIG pharmaceuticals’, Black-market gangsters, Corrupt ‘officials’ etc. etc.

To say that a chemical, that mimics the effects of a natural plant-based drug is somehow safer & of ‘lower-risk’ than natural cannabis, is just totally beyond belief… especially in-light of many ‘western nations’ now moving toward law reform !

Again.. I feel like a ‘voice crying in the wilderness’. “WAKE-UP PEOPLE & SMELL THE BUDS !!”

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4 Responses to Rationale ?

  1. annajaya67 says:

    If there are horrific side effects to the synthetic cannabis then the Australian version of the Department of Health gets government funding to medically treat the addicts. Then big pharma gets to create new drugs to detox them. Then the jails, detox centers, and hospitals then get hit with a bunch of lowered immune systems, overdoses, cognitive issues, and fatalities. Big pharma wins in every way.

    • zedd says:

      Kia Ora Annajaya67 Thx for your comment
      The NZ Govt. only brought in the law to regulate Synthetic cannabis & other ‘legal highs’ in response to the ‘cat & mouse’ game that was occurring. Everytime they made one substance illegal, the manufacturer changed the formula slightly & then claimed it was not the same ‘illegal’ drug. The problem occurring now, being that these chemicals are having more severe side effects than the natural plant-based drug. eg anxiety, aggression, violent outbursts & breathing problems etc. Many ‘experts’ are now saying these synthetics are MORE harmful than natural cannabis, BUT this Govt. are just not listening, fearing a back-lash IF they now regulate the natural drug too !

  2. annajaya67 says:

    Sorry I meant New Zealand. Forgive me I am waking and baking. Kia Ora 🙂

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