Media Misinfo.

I watched a TV interview this morning, with a Co-Leader of the Greens (NZ largest ‘minor’ party). The interviewer asked a series of questions, BUT then twisted the answers to fit his ideas/agenda.. the question that showed this most obviously was on the policy of Cannabis. The party have always had a policy of law reform (Decrim.) BUT in recent times it has slipped down the priority ladder to ‘no longer a major priority’. The interviewer concluded by saying that the party ‘no longer support the issue’

The interviewer asked whether the MP had ever ‘smoked a joint’ to which he at least had ‘the intestinal fortitude’ to say “Yes of course I have !” (unlike nearly ALL other MPs in NZ.. who usually say “No”.. even though there was one, several years ago, who said “when she was at University (1970s), most parties had a joint going around & most at least tried it” (paraphrase))

I noticed a comment from a viewer (bottom of screen) “At least the Green MPs are honest” !!

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2 Responses to Media Misinfo.

  1. Fredo says:

    Forget the Greens now.
    They have gone over to the dark side.

    • zedd says:

      Thx for comment Fredo
      To my mind.. the ‘Dark side’ are those groups/political parties that are staunchly PROHIBITIONIST/Status quo ONLY !
      I don’t see the Greens in this grouping…

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