Crime Stats. down

I listened to talk-back radio last night.. one topic was the recent ‘revelation’ that overall, NZ Crime Stats. are down to their lowest level in decades. The Police Exec. & Govt. are all ‘blowing their trumpets & back-slapping for a job; well done !’ (politicking ?)

BUT one caller gave an alternate view on these Stats. :
Violent crimes: Murder, Rape, Assaults etc. are ALL UP !
Property crimes (not being reported or solved ?) are mostly DOWN
Drug ‘offences’ are also apparently down.. cannabis users have turned to ‘synthetics cannabis & other legal highs’ which are now regulated/legal. I heard this has seen a big drop in ‘crime’, BUT increase in hospital admissions !

A classic case of MISINFORMATION.. I for one, would like to see the Police priority moved away from ‘drug offences’ to the VIOLENT crimes that are apparently on the rise. I think the fact; that only about 15% of ‘break & enter’ robberies are resolved is quite disturbing (esp. if you are a victim). Then you see Police are working with the Army to locate & destroy natural Cannabis plantations !

A few callers confirmed the latest reports that, whilst some cannabis users are turning to these now legal/regulated synthetics.. many are suffering MORE harm as a result.
This was confirmed to I&I recently, in a conversation with a regular cannabis user who said she had used synthetic cannabis for a few months & had suffered; anxiety, irritability & mood swings. She has now returned to ‘breaking the law’.. (natural cannabis with less side effects).

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