Protests Legal Highs

I read the local paper yesterday.. a man has painted his car with ‘STOP LEGAL HIGHS’ & has been driving it around the suburbs where the licensed retailers are located.

TV news has been showing groups of people protesting on the streets & calling for the Psychoactive Substance act. to be either repealed or further amended to restrict sales.

I heard a couple of people saying these Synthetic Cannabinoids & other ‘legal highs’ are causing havoc in their communities; ‘desperate users’ are begging for cash on the street, to buy more & some are resorting to acts of violence against people if they can’t get it !?

I tend to agree… I too have heard similar stories about these substances, BUT again I say; maybe its time to revisit the issue of NATURAL Cannabis law reform.. which is not harmless, but in my experience is much LESS harmful than these now legal chemicals that mimic the effects. It’s a bit naive to just say “BAN them”.. this will just drive them into the hands of the black-market. We have to accept the fact that there is a market for these drugs & prohibition is NOT going to get rid of them.. the lesser of ‘two evils’ (natural cannabis) needs to be explored further, as in Colorado, Washington (USA) & other ‘western countries’ etc. etc. ?

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