Causes Insanity

My dictionary defines ‘Insanity’ as : mental illness &/or stupid irresponsibility.

Having studied the issues surrounding the Cannabis laws in the 20th century, up until today.. they are in my mind verging on INSANITY !
Cannabis was used around the world, both medicinally & recreationally for thousands of years, with no reason to outlaw it. I read that there were incidences mostly brought about by ‘the catholic church’ & other religious zealots… BUT the EVIL people who perpetrated the current regime have effectively instituted a state of global insanity. Harry Anslinger & his cohorts claimed that ‘Marihuana’ (sic) caused violence, insanity & murder (even blood-lust) which to any rational mind was outright lies.. BUT a lot of what he said still echoes around the world.

Every effort to prove otherwise has been effectively STAMPED ON, by law enforcement & legislators, who support the status quo, regardless of the consequences & costs. I read that several commissions (over the decades, around the world) have produced reports that have called for the end of Prohibition.. these have been ALL ignored & swept under the carpet. In 2011 the NZ law commission was tasked with reviewing the current act & came back with a report that calls for law reform; decriminalisation (amongst other changes) BUT our ‘know-it-all’ Govt. has just said “NO to any reforms” What a waste of time & resources !

In the 1970s Cannabis was labelled a Schedule 1 ‘NARCOTIC’ in USA (by definition Cannabis is NOT even a Narcotic.. apparently only Opiate-based drugs fit this category): prone to high levels of abuse & of no known medical value. There have been many illnesses that are apparently treatable with Cannabis (as they had been prior to prohibition) that the sufferers are denied access to. BUT they are prescribed CHEMICAL Pharmaceuticals that often have severe side effects.

This is TOPPED-off by the latest law change here in Aotearoa/NZ that is allowing synthetic cannabis to be sold & used legally (more harmful), BUT the possession & use of the natural plant : CANNABIS is still a criminal arrestable offence, under the outdated ‘Misuse of Drugs act’

The worst part is that fear of retribution, stops most people standing up to be counted.. whilst ‘MODERN Reefer madness’ reigns all around !!

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