Another TV poll

Just finished watching the second current affairs program this week on Synthetic cannabis (‘Campbell-live’). The host was outside a ‘legal high’ shop in South Auckland (NZ biggest city) talking to young people, who were buying & smoking ‘synthetic’ on the street. The host was asking them why they do it.. most said they like a ‘buzz’ & ‘its legal’.. A few police officers were walking around ‘checking things out’. A couple of the youth being interviewed, waved their ID as proof they were over 18. The host asked them whether they would prefer to smoke ‘natural cannabis’ aka ‘weed/Marijuana’… they ALL said yes, but as long as still illegal, it’s not worth the hassle of hanging around with gangsters (‘tinny houses’) OR risk failing a workplace or social welfare drug test (mainly testing for natural cannabis) OR even, getting busted.

The host then ran a text poll for the rest of the show (about 25 minutes) they got over 16,000 votes & ‘wait for it’…. 84% voted ‘YES, its time to decriminalise Natural cannabis (aka Marijuana)’.. BUT will it really make a difference ?

I’ve seen several TV polls over, several years & without exception they have all been over 60% in-favour of law reform, BUT the politicians just ignore the people on this matter !

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