I thought I might once again reaffirm my thoughts on Drug use, especially Cannabis (which I have used, but only do occasionally these days)

ALL Drugs can be harmful, especially if abused.. the definition of abuse being: ‘use wrongly’.. often seen as; if you do something that has detrimental effects.

BUT whilst Drug use is NOT harmless, as Pres. J. Carter (USA) said in 1977.. ‘the law should not cause more harm than the drug use, it is supposedly controlling’. (paraphrase) He specifically mentioned personal, adults use of: Cannabis (aka Marijuana) as the obvious case.

I tend to agree.. PROHIBITION IS MORE HARMFUL than the Drug use.. ie affects job prospects, travel options & can cause alienation.

I do not promote Drug use.. BUT I totally reject Prohibition as any rational solution or method of control. Education, Harm minimization, Strict Regulation & Health care/Rehab. treatment being better options.

Anyone who promotes Zero-tolerance/Prohibition, is to my mind either: IGNORANT or probably benefiting from it. The whole issue is surrounded by; LIES, FALLACIES & MISINFORMATION, unfortunately this is what, often feeds/dominates the political & public psyche…

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