Another letter to Minister

I wrote to the Minister responsible for Drug policy (NZ parliament) about 2 weeks ago, asking him to ‘please explain’ why it’s now legal to buy & use ‘synthetic cannabinoids & other legal highs’ here in Aotearoa/NZ, BUT it remains an illegal, arrestable ‘offence’ to do likewise with NATURAL cannabis.. so far NO REPLY.

I have heard ‘a storm’ in the media of commentators & the general public asking similar questions.. OR just calling for them to be banned (same status as cannabis).

…I decided to write another letter to the minister, from a slightly different angle: (paraphrased)

Minister, IF you are going to continue to allow ‘synthetic cannabis’ etc. BUT not Natural cannabis, then why not apply the ‘same standard’ to alcohol ?

Ban: Beer, Wine & Whiskey etc. & allow bars to sell: ‘Methylated spirit & coke’ OR perhaps ‘Kerosene & orange’ & for the ‘hard-core’ why not a ‘Double-Diesel on the rocks !’

To my mind its the same ridiculous rationale.. ie Harm MAXIMIZATION not minimization.

“Happy 4/20 day”… oh yes & “happy easter” too

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