Several years ago, I bought a book that changed my way of thinking about, at least one subject. The title is a ‘play on words’, of an old children’s story by Hans Christian Anderson (?)

‘The Emperor’s New Clothes’

In a small Empire, far, far away.. life went on as norml; until one day, three new faces appeared in the capital city. They set up a business as ‘purveyors of Fine Cloths & Garments’ & set to work. Daily; they were busy cutting, stitching & manufacturing their wears. As time went on the local people dropped by to see these ‘Tailors’ & maybe buy their garments. The word went out that they were making ‘Only the finest of cloth’, that shined so clear that only those of honest heart & good morals could even see it. One day the word even reached the ears of ‘Emperor Peter’ who quickly boarded his carriage & set off for this ‘tailor shop’. To much ‘pomp & ceremony’ the Emperor was shown around & then shown a sample of this amazing cloth. The Emperor was a little surprised that he could not see the cloth, BUT when asked for his opinion, he too agreed “YES its the finest I’ve ever seen” not wishing to be seen as not of ‘good morals’.. he duly ordered the making of a whole wardrobe & paid the Tailors a deposit. He was told to return in a week & collect his clothes’ Over the week the Emperors servants visited the Tailors & all returned with ‘glowing reports’ of the manufacture of his suits.. only from ‘The Finest Cloth’

The week past & again, with much pomp & ceremony, the Emperor set off to collect his new wardrobe. He arrived & was immediately shown a long rack filled with suits & jackets ‘Only of the finest quality’.. (which was in reality a rack of empty coat hangers.) The Emperor & all his courtiers all applauded & sang the praises of the Tailors (who were duly paid a fortune). The head Tailor asked the Emperor, if he would like to put on ‘his favourite’ outfit & parade though the main square ! The Emperor was ‘duty bound’ to do so & with his teeth gritted he pretended to put on a suit & the Tailors pretended to give a final brush down & he set off out the door & into the square. The town-cryer announced the entrance of the Emperor & everyone gasped as he walk STARK naked through the town, to rapacious applause & cheers. Then suddenly a little boy called out ‘BUT.. The Emperor is NAKED !’ Everyone stopped & the town-cryer announced “the boy doesn’t know what he’s saying, surely you can ALL see the ‘Emperors FINE New Clothes’ ?” all the people then thought for a second & started applauding & cheering again “Three cheers for the Emperor”

If you happen to see the book, ‘The Emperor wears NO Clothes’ by J Herer, then maybe you will read it & understand this story ?
Then maybe you can email, tweet or facebook.. ALL your family & friends & be like the little boy “HEY.. The Emperor REALLY is NAKED.. FOR FUCK’S SAKE !”

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