Law reform options

I often hear words being discussed, in regard to law reform (natural cannabis).. there are several labels that are dividing the public opinion.. we hear :

Legalise, Decriminalise, Regulate,.. then we have the two old faithfuls : prohibition & zero-tolerance, that a majority are getting tired of.

Legalise : too open to debate; how wide or narrow, to go : some think legal (R18) or (R21) or (R25) or at the extreme (R0)
Decriminalise: still subject to punishment (fines, community work & mandated treatment etc.) regardless of any circumstances or age restriction
Regulate : (my favourite) Legally available under strictly defined rules. (similar to Holland)
eg R18, (option according to local laws, to increase BUT not lower than 18).
Medicinal use : only available according to a prescription (from GP).. weekly amount & guidelines to use. Must carry a ‘Med. users card’, potential for under 18(if prescribed)
Recreational use: (STRICTLY R18) any one who supplied to under-18 other than med-use, subject to criminal charges. A recommended limit per week. Maybe only have a small number of Govt. apocatheries/dispensaries; that have record of regular users & they are reminded, IF going over a reasonable amount.

Prohibition & Zero-tolerance : “GO ON… GET OUT !, it’s a failure” take a leap of faith & be norml

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