a few thoughts

I have previously written, to the NZ minister responsible for drug policy & said I’m generally opposed to the results of the psychoactive substances act, that has seen widespread sales of synthetic cannabinoids etc. BUT the status quo on Natural Cannabis.

On second thoughts.. I still disagree with the Act, BUT it has at least, put the topic into the public arena for debate.. (sadly lacking in recent years)

I watched a replay of a current affairs program that has been putting a lot of media time into the topic. One episode showed a reporter asking the MPs in parliament, whether they support law reform (decrim.) & if they have ever smoked ‘marijuana’.. whilst a majority said “NO” to both questions.. several said “YES” to both & a few said “um er ah” & at least one refused to give a definitive answer, which was taken as either probably or maybe.

Whilst many responded by saying they would not support law reform.. it sounds like the tide maybe slowly BUT surely turning.. FINGERS CROSSED !

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