Level playing field

There seems to have been a public outcry against the regulation of ‘synthetic cannabis’ BUT the fact that Natural CANNABIS (often deemed ‘less harmful’), remains totally illegal in Aotearoa/NZ
There were many (including I & I) asking why not allow a level playing field ie include natural cannabis to be similarly regulated, under new laws passed in 2013 ?

SO in their zeal to ‘level the playing field’.. it seems the Govt. are about to take a ‘backward step’ (knee jerk reaction, to the LOUDEST voices calling for prohibition) & now intend to ban these synthetics (until ‘proven’ low-risk.. whatever that means), that have been legally available for about a year & were openly sold (as ‘legal highs’) for quite a few years prior. HOW F@cking ridiculous.. surely they know it will just bolster the black-market (or is that their plan ?) It seems totally irrational & even CRAZY to me ! NZ had been labelled by other countries as : ‘forward thinking & world leading’, on this issue, BUT in reality our politicians are just driven by their desire to meet public demand (loudest, extremists only) & stay in power.
Frankly I don’t support these synthetic cannabinoids, BUT I support PROHIBITION less. They are ignoring the calls for Natural Cannabis to be included & considered for testing as a ‘low-risk psychoactive substance’.. that maybe regulated for sale in future !
Why is this so ?? Its 2014 NOT 1975.. time to move FORWARD !

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