Synthetic bans

I hear that this Govt. are intending to introduce legislation ASAP to place bans on Synthetic Cannabis & other legal highs.. until tested & possibly proven ‘low-risk’. (as many of the most vocal in society, have been calling for)
I listened to TV current affairs & talk-back radio last evening. The following points caught my attention (made sense) :

1) The original legislation was passed 119-1 votes (all but unanimous) to allow these drugs to be legally regulated. They say ‘a week is a long time in politics’.. well it seems that many of the MPs who said that prohibition would not work, seem to have made a 180 degree turn on it.

2) Last year the Govt. announced proposals to introduce wide-ranging ‘drug testing’ of beneficiaries & employees (mostly for cannabis). This apparently led many to change from ‘illegal natural cannabis’ to LEGAL ‘Synthetic cannabis’ which was not included in the tests. The distributors of these ‘legal highs’ have been ‘raking it in’ ever since !

3) The previous Govt. was dismissed from power (lost election in 2008) due to their supposed ‘Nanny state’ agenda.. BUT this current Govt. is doing precisely the same tactic with this issue (maybe GRANNY State.. not allowing adults to be responsible for their actions, introducing laws to control it)

4) Many are saying its time to look beyond the issue of ‘Legal highs’ & consider a regulated, RATIONAL approach to Natural Cannabis.. BUT the politicians are still ‘running scared’ on this. Some have said Natural cannabis is less harmful, BUT the minister announced that he did not think it would pass the ‘low-risk’ requirement. He is effectively dismissing any proposal of law reform for natural cannabis.

5) The minister responsible for Drug Laws, introduced this legislation in 2013. It was revealed recently that his son is a lawyer working for the ‘legal high’ industry. Suddenly the minister has taken the opposite view on regulation.. again sounds like the possibility of losing political power, maybe driving his decision ?

To me it just seems that this whole thing, is being driven by ‘knee jerk’ reactions from politicians who are trying to maintain a populace majority of support in ELECTION year, not for the good of the people.. sounds like ‘self interest’ is driving this WHOLE agenda !

No wonder large numbers of people, are losing interest in politics.. when all they see is ‘cronyism’ !

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