Another interview

I watched another interview about, ‘legal highs’ yesterday. This time it was with a so-called ‘Kingpin’ who said his company is at the forefront of ‘party pills’ BUT not Synthetic cannabis. He agreed that the proposed bans would have very detrimental effects on his business.. BUT also affirmed that it will likely just drive parts of the industry underground (to the black-market).

He said that there was an obvious market for ‘mind altering’ substances/drugs besides Alcohol & Tobacco & that the recent situation with lines of people queuing up outside the shops, waiting for them to open, made this obvious. He also said that the bans, would likely just drive many, back to the still illegal; Natural Cannabis & Ecstasy etc. dealers.
My blog is titled ‘End the Drug War in Aotearoa/NZ’… Aotearoa is the Maori name & NZ stands for New Zealand , BUT the draconian cannabis laws could well be called NaZi !

btw: Today is International ‘J-day’.. get out & support it/protest against this ‘NAZI’ regime to deny adults their rights to alter their consciousness with other substances !

“Kia Ora koutou katoa” (Be Alive ‘n’ Well.. y’all)

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