more Misinfo.

I listened briefly to talk-back radio, again last night.. they were discussing, the legal high issue. There were the usual calls from staunch prohibitionists. The host was taking the very cautious approach, BUT did seem to be supporting the ‘status quo’.
I find it amazing that these people seem to believe all the negative rhetoric & MISINFORMATION. Many stating ‘I don’t do DRUGS & never will’ (but probably have drunk alcohol). There were a few callers who took the law reform view.. including one man (with a dutch accent) who said he had worked in an Amsterdam ‘Coffeeshop’ for several years & thought it was the best option; regulating the drug, ensuring sales only to adults (R18), keeping an eye on users who maybe ‘overdoing it’ & also providing educational resources to customers. The host was not convinced & seemed to be rebutting the points. He then went on to say that IF natural cannabis was ‘legalised or decriminalised’ in Aotearoa/NZ there would likely be increased use & harm as a result. He also stated that ‘only a small number of kiwis use cannabis & we don’t want to see this increase’ (paraphrased). This just shows a total ignorance.. NZ has amongst the highest usage rate in the world; estimates are that well over 50% have tried cannabis & about 20-25% admit using it on a regular basis ! The last caller I heard, ‘took the cake’ by saying that many cities had just had J-day & that people were openly smoking cannabis in public & the Police DID NOTHING about it.. what did he expect ? Bus-loads of armed law enforcement, rounding them all up & then; locking them all up.. How bloody ignorant !!

The host said that we maybe, need to await the effects of law reform in Colorado.. IF it is not causing mayhem, then maybe it can be considered, here in NZ. One caller actually gave a brief ‘historical overview’ of cannabis use.. it is hardly a NEW phenomenon & has been used for thousands of years. It seems that many people think its always been illegal ?!

In the interim, I await the upcoming parliamentary debate on the legal status of SYNTHETICS (maybe about to be re-banned this week ?)

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