One day in politics

They say ‘a day, is a long time in politics’ well.. the NZ parliament proved it yesterday, by passing the ‘Psychoactive substances amendment bill’ through ALL its stages. I believe it will be signed by the Governor-general today & passed into law at 12:01, tomorrow morning.

This ‘amendment’ to the original act (passed last year) has effectively done a 180 degree turn & now has banned ALL regulated synthetic drugs (cannabinoids etc.) I heard that only those substances that are proved ‘low-risk’ will be approved for sale in future. Some MPs during the debate, used the term ‘harmless’ which IF applied to anything we ingest eg coffee, sugar etc. would have an almost zero approval. Whilst I support the general thrust of this ‘low-risk’ ideal, I am not convinced that PROHIBITION will do anything to stop the trade (as it has NOT done, with natural cannabis etc.) It will likely just drive these drugs into the hands of the black-market & create more harm !

The vote in parliament was supported by all BUT; The Green Party, who abstained. I was interested to hear Govt. MPs attacking the Greens for doing so, even though they ALL voted to pass the original legislation. The most vocal Govt. MP was an ex-cop, who appears to be the loudest voice to promote prohibition (how surprising.. NOT)

There appears to be increasing numbers of voices calling for natural cannabis to be regulated. This could effectively eliminate the need for these synthetics.. BUT cannabis is still listed as an ‘illegal narcotic’ in the outdated: Mis-use of drugs act 1975 & this Govt. seem unwilling to go there or make ANY amendments to it !
Again.. misinformation, at its worst.

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