Knee-jerk naive reactions

Today the NZ public will start to see the effects of the latest bans.. placed on ALL synthetic drugs/’legal highs’ (now illegal highs). I saw a TV interviewer asking users ‘what will you do now’ ? Many said they would stock-up (as I hear, has happened) BUT these stocks will only last a while. Others said they would likely just return to ‘breaking the law’ (illegal natural cannabis/marijuana) I’m sure the black-market dealers are ALL rubbing their hands together in anticipation !?.
I read that many ‘officials’ say that they think, many users will just ‘go cold turkey & quit’ (how naive are they). I also read that at least one ‘legal high’ shop was robbed yesterday (just before the ban came into effect).

To my mind this is the worst thing this Govt. could have done.. ‘Knee-jerk politics’ as a way to subdue the ‘moral panic’ that was apparently occurring. BUT methinks that over the next few weeks/months there could well be adverse reactions; that are far worse. I’m certain the police cells will start filing up as ‘desperate users’, withdrawing & suffering.. going through all the negative symptoms, without any options BUT: illegal activity or cold turkey. I heard one commentator saying there should have been a provision in the bill, for a few months to let users ‘get over their use’ (no arrests for users) BUT I’m certain the usual ZERO-TOLERANCE will take effect today. Over-zealous law enforcement ‘just doing their jobs !’ Oh dear.. I think a ‘storm is coming !’

I hear some ‘commentators’ saying its time to seriously think about law reform : NATURAL CANNABIS (recent TV poll 84% of respondents agree with ‘decriminalisation’), but I for one am NOT holding my breath. Many in the law reform fraternity, have been waiting for this for over 30 years & we are still waiting !

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