Govt. again say “NO” to Med-pot

I just read that a Govt. health select committee report, has again refused to move forward on Medicinal cannabis use in Aotearoa/NZ. A petition was submitted asking that the Govt. AGAIN consider the issue, in-light of recent changes & approvals in many western nations.. BUT the recommendations/outcomes :
1) continue to monitor the situation overseas
2) continue researching available literature
3) the ‘raw drug’ is too inconsistent in its strength & quality
4) concerns about ingestion by smoking

The NZ Drug foundation has stated their extreme disappointment in this lack of action. They said there is mounting evidence that the ‘raw drug’ has therapeutic value for sufferers of several conditions/illnesses. It was also clearly stated that cannabis can be ingested by vaporisation & by oral ingestion (eating it).
The other issue mentioned was, the already available ‘medicine’ : Sativex (Cannabis Sativa extract) BUT it is very expensive & not covered by the pharmaceutical discounts program. Sativex is also extremely hard to get approval for : only a handful currently, in all of NZ. If there is approval for its use, then why can’t ALL Doctors prescribe it ? I understand it has to be approved by the health minister, on a case by case basis.. Bureaucratic nonsense !

It just seems that along with personal/recreational use issues, the NZ Govt. are always looking for reasons to maintain the ‘status quo’ regardless of the mounting evidence against it.. Why is this so ? ‘BIG Pharm.’ !

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