Medicinal Refugees

I just read on an Int’l news website, that a family in USA have left their home, jobs & previous lives to; move to Colorado. They have done so, in order to obtain LEGAL Cannabis/Marijuana, to treat their 9-year-old girl, with severe epilepsy (shades of my recent blog, about a family in NZ). They are amongst many other ‘Medicinal Marijuana Refugees’ who are being effectively forced to do this, in order to avoid prosecution. The story says that the girl was suffering hundreds of fits/seizures per day & doctors had recommended brain surgery. The mother heard about cannabis (Charlotte’s Web) as a possible treatment & tried it… The seizures have stopped as a result of this so-called ‘illegal drug’ therapy !

I also read that there is a rising tide of people demanding that Cannabis be removed from the USA Schedule 1 list (‘potential for high level of abuse & of NO KNOWN MEDICINAL/THERAPEUTIC value !’). IF cannabis is relieving epileptic seizures & other illnesses/conditions, how can it be reasonably considered ‘of NO known medicinal/therapeutic value’ ? More Misinformation from the ‘bad old days of Reefer Madness’, methinks..

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