Scapegoat ?

I read that NZ born (Aust. resident) woman, Leeza Ormsby is to be finally charged with ‘drug offences’ in Bali, Indonesia. She has been held in custody since February. The original story was that she was arrested at a villa, where Police found : Cannabis/’Marijuana’, Ecstasy/MDMA & Hashish. It was reported that Ms Ormsby, claimed she was just a party guest/visitor to the property.. the people who rented the villa, have since left Indonesia & returned home. Ms Ormsby was arrested ‘under suspicion’ of dealing drugs. She has only admitted ‘possession of ONE joint’ (cannabis cigarette). The Indonesian authorities have held her since February, apparently trying to get her to admit ALL the allegations of dealing.
I read that she will likely be charged soon, for possession of cannabis ONLY. She potentially faces years in the infamous Kerobokan Jail (Hotel K, where Ms Corby spent 9 years). It sounds to me like Ms Ormsby is just a ‘scapegoat’ for the failed round-up of another ‘foreign drug gang’.

In most western countries, possession of ‘one joint’ would likely get either a warning or perhaps a fine ? Ms Ormsby should be just deported, after about 3 months in custody… “HOW RIDICULOUS !” I await further news…

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