A Rational Voice

I listened to a radio interview (stream) this morning, with the Deputy Mayor of Auckland, who is chair of the ‘legal high policy committee’. She said that its time to put aside the hysteria, scare-mongering & negative stereo-typical name-calling (paraphrased) & have a serious, rational debate on whether it’s time to look at decriminalising Natural Cannabis. Her comments were along the lines that synthetic drugs that mimic the effects of cannabis were regulated & now banned, pending a testing regime for ‘low-risk’ potential. She said that Natural Cannabis, whilst NOT harmless has been claimed by many health professional & others as; LESS harmful than these synthetics. She went on to say that cannabis has been widely used & that the current situation (prohibition) is having no real effect on curtailing its use. She also stated that ‘we cannot just keep sweeping this under the carpet’… I Agree

To me, it sounded like she (& others) are finally facing the facts: Its time to move past the ‘status quo’ which is a failure & look at more reasonable options.. “YAHOO !!”

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