Road deaths from Cannabis ?

I was just reading an item on a NZ Nat’l newspaper site.. Police are reporting that 72% of road deaths can be attributed to cannabis &/or alcohol use, with 19% using cannabis alone. What does this really say ?
Alcohol is the biggest cause of drug-related road death in Aotearoa/NZ & cannabis could be a factor in some. BUT reading the article, either the Police or the newspaper are trying to make it sound like CANNABIS is the major cause of these statistics..
The difference being that alcohol only stays in the body for about 12-24 hours, Cannabis can be found (in small traces) for weeks after use.. BUT this is hardly evidence of intoxication !
The title of the news item being ‘Police cite road deaths, to oppose cannabis law reform’.. BUT methinks, it’s again a pile of MISINFORMATION aimed at self-interest/job protection !!

I personally, have no doubt that any drug intoxication can have an effect on a person’s ability to drive a motor vehicle or operate machinery.. BUT tests have shown that Cannabis use, tends to make people more wary, if not more cautious.. BUT Alcohol often makes people more aggressive & reckless.
I would never recommend driving whilst intoxicated, BUT I don’t believe all this nonsense, that the Police are apparently reporting either..

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