Some questions

I have been reading & hearing quite a lot of info./misinfo. from both sides of this issue recently, in-light of recent law changes/reforms both; here in Aotearoa/NZ & overseas.

These questions keep rising, BUT mostly, all I hear is the more extreme views, that have just created a ‘stale-mate’ situation:

1) Is the ‘war on drugs’ really benefiting our societies (gangsters, black-markets, overcrowded courts/prisons, massive public expenditure to maintain prohibition.. etc) or is it ‘time to move on’ ? recent TV poll in NZ, showed 84% of respondents support cannabis ‘decrim.’, effectively ignored by the Govt. !

2) Is it time to at least have the wide-ranging PUBLIC debate (not just the politicians, police & so-called ‘experts’).. who appear to advocate for ‘more of the same’ ? (ie sensible & rational, as opposed to; emotive & irrational, often outright B-S)

3) Would a more rational policy of ‘strict adults only, regulation’ (as SOME countries are now looking at) be the much better option, than zero-tolerance/prohibition ?

4) Is the UN single convention on ‘narcotic drugs’ 1961 (which mandates the current legislation in much of the world) well PAST its ‘USE-BY date’ & therefore NZ’s : ‘Misuse of Drugs act 1975’, is also outdated ?

5) If its true that over 50% of adults, in many countries admit trying cannabis/other drugs, why are a minority effectively DICTATING the terms ? (ie Freedom FROM choice)

6) Is it really ‘corporate interests’ that are pulling the strings of politicians to maintain, the ‘status quo’ ?

I know where I & many others stand.. BUT I would really like to hear from the so-called; ‘SILENT MAJORITY’, who by definition are just remaining silent !

I for one.. think it IS time for the wide-ranging debate & binding ‘REEFER-ENDUM’

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