Mass Interceptions

I listened with interest to a Int’l independent news program this morning.. one topic was ‘Mystic’ a MASS interception/surveillance system that is being used in the Bahamas. (Caribbean) They said several other countries are also planned for this action, including Mexico & The Philippines. This system apparently is intercepting & storing not just ‘meta-data’ BUT also ALL mobile communication content.
The system is a joint operation run by the good old USA; NSA & DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency). One example being ‘a quantity of cannabis’ seized. The report said that it seems that there is no specific targets, just a blanket sweep to catch anyone/everyone dealing or using illegal drugs… ie ‘zero-tolerance’

It just seems that the more I hear about Cannabis/Drug law reform initiatives, the more the ‘Prohibitionists’ are increasingly, ramping up their efforts to crack down !
Over the last decade, I kept hearing that most of these mass surveillance operations were around the alleged ‘War on Terror’ BUT it sounds like just as much effort, if not more, is going into maintaining the failing: ‘WAR on DRUGS’… their biggest & longest running ‘war-front’


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