Word from the wise

I was watching part 2 of a 2-part doco. last evening, about the history of the Rolling Stones. They mentioned several times that ‘drug use’ (illegal) was a common factor in their time ‘on-the-road’.
The line that made me LOL & then almost seemed like a ‘word from the wise’; “I don’t have a problem with Drugs.. But I do with Police” (paraphrase)
It was stated that one member of the band who seemed to have the most ‘problems with police’ avoided prosecution for ‘possession for supply’ by going into treatment. I think that this is the way that anyone with addiction, should be dealt with.. NOT prosecution, BUT Health Care/treatment.

I remember a TV debate, some time ago between a ‘Drug law reformer’ & a ‘Police bureaucrat’.. The reformer was saying that we as a society should be moving away from criminal prosecution toward treatment, for drug addiction. The ‘police bureaucrat’ said he agreed that treatment was an option, once they are ‘in custody’. The law reformer kept saying, that treatment DID NOT need to involve Police… BUT the Police bureaucrat, just would not concede this.. just repeating that once ‘processed through the criminal justice system, ‘ADDICTS’ would have access to treatment !’ (paraphrasing)

No wonder, we as a society struggle, to move forward on this issue…

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