Medicinal trials ?

I just read that the minister responsible for NZ drug policy, is considering further trials of cannabis medicines.
Sativex (oral spray, extract) is already available, under VERY strict conditions, but it has to be personally approved by the minister, upon recommendation from a specialist.
The issue being raised about Sativex, is that it may contain levels of THC (the compound that apparently causes the ‘marijuana high’) that is not specifically recommended to treat every condition, especially for children. It has been stated that cannabis strains are available that contain these compounds in levels that are more suitable, to treat a wider range of illnesses/conditions… (than those in Sativex.)

The NZ Law Commission issued it’s report in 2011, into their review of current/outdated : Mis-use of Drugs Act 1975. It recommended quite a few changes, including wide ranging medicinal trials. The report has been effectively ‘collecting dust’ for 3 years, BUT with evidence from overseas & probably public & media pressure in NZ, the minister maybe starting to sit up & take notice.

I read on another website that several ‘specialists’ are still arguing over the potential medicinal/therapeutic benefits of cannabis. Under the USA current status; schedule 1, it is deemed of ‘no known medicinal value/use’ BUT this is now being widely disputed.

The real concern to I & others, is that many people are missing out on potential benefits of medicinal cannabis, whilst the ‘experts’ & politicians, sit on their hands or argue over their misgivings…
I say ‘Pull your collective fingers out’ & GET ON WITH THE TRIALS !!

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