Political force

I watched a current affairs program this morning.. the main topic was NZs increasing (or according to some; decreasing) gap between ‘Rich & Poor’. (apparently amongst the worst in the western world) They had politicians & commentators from both sides of the political divide, spouting their points of view.
Then as a light-hearted/tongue-in-cheek option; they interviewed a popular blogger who is talking of forming his own party, with policies around: encouraging financial growth by increasing taxes on the poorest, free ice-cream & Llamas (or Alpacas) for the children.

I know that in 2011, about 30% of eligible kiwi voters, did not even bother.. one of the worst results in decades. Many people saying things like: ‘no difference between the parties’ & the ‘main’ parties, no longer represent their views.

I listen often to politics & radio talk-back & there are two groups who get a lot of negative feed-back in Aotearoa/NZ, namely the Unemployeds (7%+ ?) & the ‘Dope-smokers’ (20%+ ?). I’m guessing that these two groups make up, quite a large chunk of the ‘did not bother to vote’ people… So I’m wondering whether the next big thing/political force, here in NZ could well be.. wait for it.. :

‘The UNEMPLOYEDs & the DOPE-SMOKERs Party of Aotearoa/NZ’ (potentially around 25% of the population ?) LOL ??

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