Victory for USA Hemp

I was just reading, that USA’s DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) has finally relented & issued a permit for farmers in Kentucky to grow Hemp. 250lbs of seed are being imported from Europe.

Its staggering to think, that they could still maintain that a plant with almost zero THC, grown for its industrial properties only, can be thought of as a ‘DRUG’. There is no doubt that industrial hemp is derived from the Cannabis plant, BUT there are many varieties & strains.. not all, are good to smoke.. ie ‘Marijuana’ (as was once, maybe still is claimed by the prohibitionists, ‘Marihuana tax act 1937′ covered all cannabis plants, regardless of intended uses.) Industrial HEMP; fibre & cellulose etc., is mostly extracted from the stem.. which even in the varieties grown for its ‘drug uses’ is almost totally inert, with no THC content. It is also grown for seed uses (oil & kernel) which is also completely inert, but often required by law, to be heat sterilised prior to distribution, to avoid them being illegally planted.

Here in Aotearoa/NZ, the misuse of drugs act was only amended in 2006 to allow NZ industrial hemp & it is still seen as a ‘cottage industry’ & tightly controlled by regulation & Govt. fees. A license to grow it will only be issued under extremely strict guidelines, specifically excluding anyone with a ‘drug conviction’.

BUT its one more tiny step forward, to overall victory in this ridiculous war against a plant !

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