Turf wars

I was just reading, about some recent feedback on ‘Drug related Turf Wars’. Usually when you hear these things, it brings to mind gangsters & dealers, fighting over their territories.. to trade in ‘illegal drugs’
BUT these comments were attributed to the USA’s DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) boss.. apparently fighting over ‘rights’ to maintain their aggressive/draconian prosecution & Drug War status.

The report said that the DEA boss has come out strongly against Pres. Obama’s recent comments on cannabis (no more harmful than alcohol) & also tried to stop the approved Hemp trials going ahead in Kentucky. She also apparently refuses to accept the evidence of many ‘experts’ that cannabis is less harmful than ‘crack cocaine’ & heroin (also currently: Schedule 1 ‘narcotics’).

Here in Aotearoa/NZ, I see similar things; NZ police hierarchy often stating they are ‘reducing the harm from cannabis’, but never admitting that prohibition is probably causing more harm, than the drugs they are supposedly ‘at war with’. Cannabis is a ‘class C drug’ in NZ, but it often seems that it is the main priority in the NZ Drug War: over half of all drug arrests.

The misinformation that was started by Anslinger & co. in 1930s USA, still ‘rings true’ (Reefer madness etc.) according to these people fighting these ‘turf wars’ !

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