Frontline strategy change ?

I was watching a current affairs show recently.. they filmed the ‘drug dogs’ in NZ customs, running up & down the incoming mail & package line. They intercepted some packages with 20kg of ‘Contac NT’ (cold/flu medicine) which is said to be a ‘precursor’ for manufacture of Methamphetamine.. apparently this amount could be turned into about 6kg of ‘P’ – aka pure meth., with a supposed street value of $1000/gram or $6million. The customs agent stated that this ‘was a good days work’.. their usual seizures vary from a few grams to more substantial amounts.. BUT it sounded like the majority was just for personal use !

I often hear that the Police & customs are moving their priority to; stopping manufacture & supply, BUT having said that, they will not even consider supporting law reform to decriminalise USE. According to recent stats. the arrest rate for possession of cannabis for personal use in NZ, is still amongst the highest in the world.. so I for one, do not see any real change in front-line strategy !

It’s just a load of talk/politics, to make it sound like they are following changing trends in many other countries.. BUT in reality very little, IF anything has… ie zero-tolerance reigns

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