Another USA victory

Whilst the War on drugs (specifically cannabis) in Aotearoa/NZ mostly just continues, with little change in sight..
I read that the USA Govt. has just passed a legislative amendment bill (30 vote majority) to stop the DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) from targeting Medicinal cannabis users in the 22 states & the territory (Washington DC) that have, states law that allow it !

Of course there was the usual objection from the staunch prohibitionists with ‘Reefer madness’ type hysteria, BUT obviously increasing numbers are no longer, listening to or believing this nonsense/misinformation. I read that many pro-cannabis supporters were not convinced that it would pass.. BUT are now pleasantly surprised that it has. Of course, this is just another battle.. the WAR is not over yet !

I read that the UN is planning a review of the international conventions that currently control DRUGS, in 2016 & fingers crossed; this could be the start of a global armistice ?

addendum: I read that the bill now has to pass the senate, before final sign off by the Pres.

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