Legal High updated

I watched a current affairs new item this evening.. recently banned ‘synthetic legal highs/cannabinoids’ are now being replaced by the sale of ‘Damiana’ : the herbal substrate that the synthetic psychoactive substances/chemicals were being added to. As this product does not contain the banned substances, it can be sold legally, BUT does it actually produce any ‘cannabis/marijuana-type high’ ? The people being interviewed said they were willing to try it, BUT were told not to expect the same effect.

They then went on to say:
1) they would still prefer to smoke Natural Cannabis, IF they could legally. They all had to do workplace drug tests & risked job loss if they failed.

2) There is NOW a black-market for recently banned ‘Synthetic cannabinoids’ BUT the prices have largely increased (as they always do under black-market conditions) One can only wonder whether the same manufacturers are still supplying these ‘psychoactive substances’, BUT now they are just going directly to the black-market.. to make even bigger profits & was this the original plan ? (oh dear the big cynical monster rears its ugly head again !)

I think its ridiculous that this issue is again, just being ‘swept under the carpet’ here in NZ. These bans have just driven the issue underground & likely just caused the same issues as with Natural Cannabis etc. The blinkers are back on & nothing is resolved !!

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