Serious Propaganda

I was just watching a few clips posted on You-tube.. the person who posted them, has done so, as : ‘Hilarious Anti-Cannabis Ads/PSAs’ (Public Service Announcements) to be watched while stoned, for a good laugh. Well I was not stoned at the time, whilst I do see the ‘irony’ in this… I’m guessing, these Ads are actually supposed to be SERIOUS.. but in reality are just propaganda & more TOTAL misinformation. The scripts could well have been lifted straight from 1930-40s ‘Reefer Madness’ type docu-dramas.
Claims of addiction, insanity, brain damage & criminality etc. etc. It was not the scare-mongering so much that I found unbelievable, BUT the fact, that this is STILL actually being passed off as portraying; some semblance of TRUTH !
eg. a Surgeon smoking a joint, then calling for a scalpel to commence surgery.. then a voice over saying : “would you like your doctor to be stoned & operating on you.. this could happen IF cannabis is legalised !” (paraphrased)
The only thing that was missing (not surprisingly) from this modern ‘Reefer Madness’ was the blatant RACISM that filled many 1930-40s USA anti-MARIHUANA (sic) propaganda. (often attributed to Mexicans & Negroes, stating they thought they were ‘as good as honest, hard-working & law-abiding white-folk’ etc.)

Here in Aotearoa/NZ the Govt. have been putting ‘Anti-Drug Driving Ads’ on TV recently, with young children sitting in a car.. supposedly mimicking their stoned parents. Whilst I would never speak in favour of driving ‘stoned’, the truth is; that the majority of ‘Drug-related’ road deaths are caused by/attributed to ALCOHOL, not cannabis etc.
Again MISINFORMATION at its worst !

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