Ensuring success

I watched a doco. some time ago.. about the tactic that many political & business leaders have employed to ‘Ensure Success’ : create a CRISIS & then offer the ONLY ‘practical solution’.

I see this works very well in the Drug War & other issues eg :

1) Hitler/Nazis demonised the Jews & blamed them for most of Germany’s economic woes prior to WW2.. then offered ‘The Final Solution’

2) There have been many ‘conspiracy theories’ that the destruction/crisis of the ‘Twin Towers’ in NY (911)… some say; it was nothing to do with Al Qaeda etc. BUT was perpetrated by other ‘Interest groups’ who then created the solution : ‘The War on Terror’

3) Here in NZ there is a furious debate about our ‘housing crisis’. Many are saying that Int’l property speculators are buying up real estate in our largest city (Auckland) & driving up the prices, beyond the reach of many young families. This has caused some to say its time to cut back on immigration & introduce other financial measures as a solution. Again a ‘created’ crisis & political solution scenario..

BUT the other obvious one :

4) Create a crisis around DRUGS, especially ‘Marijuana’ the supposed ‘Assassin of Youth’ & cause of ‘Reefer Madness’ etc. & then offer the only ‘rational’ solution : PROHIBITION (even though it had failed with another issue.. alcohol). All the same tactics have been used : Lies, Fallacies & mostly Misinformation, driven deep into the public psyche. Then in order to stop any opposition, create an atmosphere of Hate, Fear & Mistrust, often riding on an undercurrent of Racism & stereotypical division ie. only : criminals, unemployed & other ‘undesirables’ use DRUGS ! Also divert the attention away from the most harmful ‘drugs’, hiding in plain sight : alcohol & tobacco.. finally make every effort to block the debate or move it to another created crisis : Synthetic DRUGS

Unfortunately this works all to well..

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