Thoughts on War

I was thinking about a long-standing expression ; ‘In GOD we trust’.. written on USA money. I heard a ‘joke’ that GOD stands for Gold/Guns, Oil & DRUGS, the main things that keep the USA/global economy ‘ticking along’. It also says something about the main reason that many of the wars, in the 20th century & beyond were/are being fought. To support mostly USA & its allies, economic success !
This also reminds me of another joke: at a gathering of church groups, the attendees were arguing about which denomination was right. Then the convenor called the meeting to order. He started calling out the names of the different groups : Jews, Catholics, Protestants, Muslims etc. each group responded with their own replies, praising God. Then the convenor reached into his pocket & pulled out a USA dollar bill & held it up. All the people fell to their knees & worshiped/praised GOD !

I was thinking also about why, after at least 50 years the ‘War on Drugs’ is still, just raging on ? I can only conclude that it is NOT really about stopping DRUG use.. as under Prohibition, it is at an all time high. It must be ‘to keep these economies ticking along !’
Under the current regime, Cannabis in NZ costs about $20/gram & Methamphetamines $1000/gram (according to the ‘Police drug-harm index’). IF they were actually legalised : the costs would no doubt; drop significantly, the crime rate & police/corrections ‘business’ would also do likewise.

I often hear that the War on Drugs is about ‘reducing drug related harm’ BUT to my way of thinking, it is doing the complete opposite, by creating Black-markets, Gangsters, Overcrowded prisons, increased associated crime.. corruption, violence, robbery etc.

“… and the days go by… I get a little more cynical…” btw: I read that in Colorado, the ‘sky still, has not fallen’ & Tax takes are up/rising & overall crime is down by about 10%.. go figure !

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