Professional credibility

I was just reading an online Newspaper article, apparently written by a ‘Doctor’ titled ‘Dope is harmless, you must be high’ !

I found the ‘info./Misinfo.’ almost unbelievable (if really written by a health professional) it was stating : Cannabis causes mental illness in 15% of users, smoking it.. is just as harmful to the lungs (if not more so) then tobacco, law reform would make it more available to youth etc. etc. Almost sounded like a propaganda piece from the 1940-50s ‘Reefer madness’ era !

At the time of reading, there were 32 comments from other readers & only about 2-3 were in support of the article’s content. I think the comment that ‘took the cake’ (I totally agree with) was “I though this was 2014, feels like I’ve gone back to 1950s” (paraphrase)

Many were seriously questioning/attacking this ‘Doctor’s Professional CREDIBILITY’, as do I !

I actually wondered whether it was either 1 April OR is it a piece, deliberately designed to stir up controversy & heated feedback ?

Of course the main question being asked : “Is prohibition the solution to any of these ‘problems/issues’ the Doctor outlined ?”

Not in the opinion of many who added comments OR to I & I

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