Decrim Rasta

I just read that Jamaica’s Govt. has announced plans to decriminalise Cannabis for Scientific & Medicinal use (as per UN Convention) & also for Religious traditions.
Most people have likely heard of the Rastafarian religion (followers of: HIM Emperor Haile Selassie I (RIP) of Ethiopia, aka Ras TafarI), made famous by Bob Marley (RIP) & other reggae bands. The religion sees cannabis as a ‘holy herb’ variously mentioned in the bible.. also used in the ‘holy anointing oil’ & called a ‘plant of renown’.

The article says that up to 2 ounces will be deemed OK/non-arrestable, for personal/religious use.

Other plant-based drugs, are used legally in many nations for ‘cultural traditional uses’ eg. Khat, Kava, Coca & yes even ; cannabis. BUT here in Aotearoa/NZ.. the Govt. say; “NO” to any personal Cannabis use !!!!

Its illegal MAN…
“Stand Up & Be Counted” 20%+ of adult kiwis ?

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